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Hey There!

So, you would like to know more about MUGGA?

Well, we are a family based business in London, UK. If there was one sentence to sum up our family it would be 'Tea and coffee lovers'. Our kitchen cupboards are packed with a variety of exotic, fruity and minty teas. But, what is a good cuppa without a great mug? It all starts with the mug!

In our family each of us have our own special mug, you must do too? It is an unspoken rule to drink from your special mug only and no one else's. If you don't follow this rule, well - you may just find yourself in trouble! 

As comical as it may sound, we thought - why not start up a business delivering quality unique mugs, to people who love tea and coffee as much as we do?

Mugs are one of the most commonly used household item, yet they speak so much about you as an individual.

We want people to enjoy their favourite beverage in style.

It doesn't just stop there! we not only wanted to sell mugs but eco-mugs as well. Our eco mugs are made from recyclable glass, meaning they can be recycled and will not contribute to any waste! We are constantly looking for new eco friendly products, so you can expect the eco-mug range to expand. Rest assured, by purchasing our eco-mugs you are helping us to uphold a safe and clean environment. 

We hope that you love our products, and enjoy shopping with us!